Once in Tallinn, twice in list!


Last time, we talked about Latvia, Riga city. Today we will talk about another Baltic country which is located at the north of Latvia and 2 hours by ships far from Finland.

It’s Estonia!

You might have no idea because actually not many Thais know this country and one of Estonians himself I ever met in Thailand said as well that his country was not that well-known among Thai society. However, I have already been there.

So now, Let’s get to know it!

Estonia has Tallinn as its capital city, located at the northwest.


Tallinn may be quite different from the other two because its tourist attractions are not in the walking distance between each other (for me). So the cheapest way to travel here is by bus, then I bought a green card with 3-day ticket for 7 euros at a branch of R-Kiosk. You may not feel familiar with this but if you are in the Baltic countries, it would be your favorite place when you want something basic at that moment.

The first place everyone could not miss is its old town! To be honest, from all old towns that I have ever been, my favorite is the Old town of Tallinn. Even though each country has its distinct but for me Tallinn is the most expressive one.

Why is it?

Perhaps it is because I thought I got lost but I accidentally found the picturesque of Tallinn!


There were so many times that I felt like I should open the map and find the way out but it brought me to the position of their highlights.

However, back to Tallinn!

The must places here cannot be anything but Town Hall Square. If it is in the summer and more tourists, there will be plenty of shops at the centre and lots of terraces from restaurants around there to serve their clients with the best atmosphere as much as they could.


Another place is St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It is the main Russian Orthodox cathedral of Estonia, originally built as a symbol of Russia’s dominance at that time. Now as a masterpiece of architecture full of rich decorations, it is one of the landmarks near the parliament of Estonia in the Old Town district.

And do not forget to take a photo of this pink parliament as well!


Another place recommended to go is Walls of Tallinn. There will be an entrance for visitors with 3 euros to go upstairs and find one of the most beautiful view in Tallinn the Old Town!

Actually, all I want to recommend you is that taking a walk around the old town is the best answer for visiting here because you can absorb the feeling being surrounded by old styles of buildings.

Or if you already finish your walk here and still have more time but want some cruise trips, just go to the port, book a ticket and go to Helsinki in only 2 hours with a lot of service on board!

Another good choice, right?

However, for the next time what will we talk about.

It’s my secret.



My 6 fav lists in Riga


As I said last time that I will still talk more about Riga, so today I come up with my favorite lists in Riga. Some of you may recognize that I had only one day in Riga but why I had many favorite lists so fast! Emmmm How to say.

Honestly, I felt so sad when I made this wrong decision to stay in Riga only one day because from that day I feel like Riga is bigger than I could expect. Its art and beauty of  the town smelling were perfect for me to stay longer to discover such a city!

Now it wastes your time so much so I will come with the first place


Building of the Library

I’m quite sure that those fond of books and wanting to feel once in other foreign libraries. They should try here once. Unfortunately for me again that it ran out of time when I was there but just the architecture outside really interested me at the first time I saw because it was located outstandingly across the old town.


Unfinished buildings

I need to say sorry for you first that I cannot find these two buildings. I found it when I was in the city tour bus. They had not been finished yet while I was there but they were my favorite because when I took a photo of it, it just made me happy.

Just that!


Art Academy of Latvia

I found this place accidentally while walking randomly. At first I thought it would be one of the famous cathedral in Riga but it was not! However, its aesthetics is completely suitable for what it actually is. Don’t you agree?

IMG_3566.JPGLatvian War Museum

No words can be described for this place because I was determined to come here to know more what happened in the past in Latvia. Some might think that why I did not go to other places such as art gallery. Definitely I want to but I come here alone without any personal guides. I thought I should get to know something about the history because I might not emotionally give my feeling to the city. If I had not known before about how this city had been developed, I might have thought that Bangkok was bigger and no need to travel here again.

Now I finally found why kids should be educated ‘history’.

But in a neutral way with two sides 😀


Nativity of Christ Orthodox Cathedral

I could not take my eyes of this church! It caught me at the first glance and I took a lot of photos of it. I felt it was quite bizarre and perfect for me! It was once used to be a planetarium during Soviet Occupation. The church has survived since the first World War and the second World War. Its interior and exterior have been highly valued.

Just a must place you should not miss!


For the last thing I will talk here, it is not an actual place but it could give me the breathtaking view of Riga, especially in my opinion.

And these are all my impressions when I think of Riga

If you have a chance to go to Baltic countries, you should try more than 1 day in Riga because you will possibly fall in love with the art of Latvia, which is really worth coming!

See you the next week!

LATVIA is now here!


There are still 2 countries as Baltic countries: Latvia and Estonia.

So today, I will talk about Latvia first because it is located at the north of Lithuania and the south of Estonia. Riga is the capital city. It is far from each other for only four hours by bus. Or if you travel by plane, it is completely not far from the city centre.

Unfortuanately for me that I had only a day in Riga before moving on to Talinn Estonia, but I have more than one destination there when I found out where to go.


However, Riga is one of the most attractive cities for me.

Even if it is counted as one of Baltic countries but its characteristic is outstanding. All important places are connected and transportation there is not hard for people to use. Traveling destinations, shopping malls, entertainment places, markets, hotels, bus stations, churches, a lot of important buildings for Latvians are not far from each other with trees. For me, this was the best walk ever!

IMG_3375.JPGThe Riga old town has been conserved of their elegance for visitors as original. Their Riga Cathedrals are a must when you visit the old town. You will need some techniques to capture all its grace.

You can walk along the old town full of colorful buildings. St. Mary’s Dome Cathedral and House of blackheads are located nearby and all visitors here need to come here first!


If you are lucky enough, you will meet a girl playing an instrument so great!

Walking along here is the best answer for a traveler like me who wanted to feel the city slowly.  I think it is for everyone because it is the walking distance but if you think that you want to sit in a bus and go around the city with general information, you can go to the tourist information centre and find the right service for you. It costs around 20 Euros for an adult with limited days and conditionally cheaper for family package, students and children.

Perhaps you feel sick of bus. There is a boat tour for you to get to know more of Riga and the service is provided at the small river at the park in the old town. It can give you other views with the windy weather in summer!


However, I here do not promise if it comes to Autumn, Winter or Fall.

It was lucky for me that I came there when it was summer, but it is not the same summer in Thailand. Summer there also make people wear the pants or long-handed shirts if you cannot resist with that temperature.


Riga is not far from the Baltic sea and its has the river called Daugava River. The old town has been surrounded by the new town with many stunning landmarks at the opposite side of the old town such as Riga Radio and TV Tower and National Library of Latvia.

Some people may want to take a walk along the river. There is a railway bridge made of iron. It is not hard to find out because there are always trains running and many tourists would like to take a photo of it!

Now it’s enough for today!

and for the next time we still talk more about Riga!



Worth solo traveling!

Hello guysssss

As I ever said that I would give you little tips about a solo lady traveling alone in Europe. Actually, a lot of tips are provided in many websites, yeah, including mine. But it would be in my version that I used it when I traveled around.

The first thing is always looking around! Well, thieves or robbers, we all do not want to meet them. In fact, to look around is to prepare yourself for what is going on in the place you are in. If there is anything irregular, or less people are there, you will still have little of time to figure out what you need to do! It is good for you when you catch something accidentally but usefully. In Krakow, Poland, I could not withdraw the money from any ATMs. Luckily I had some Euro and Thai Baht but I still wanted more to make the hostel payment in Warsaw. I accidentally saw an exchange place having Thai Baht in the table. Almost closed at 8pm, 10 minutes left that I found it and went strain with full pleasure.  This is the second thing, always check your cards!


Normally not only your cards, any staff that you bring even though you are in the place you think it is safe. Yes it is safe but if you forget it by yourself, it is done as well.

The third one is to always find the information. If you want to go in the famous museum, you need to know first what is the opening hours, how to get there and how to get in, always check the map that is it the right place? This is easy and many overlook but actually we should not!


Krakow, Poland

The next thing is my favorite part, forget your sex and do what you want. What I mean is that sometimes many people said that you cannot travel or go to somewhere seeming dangerous because you are just a woman, or a girl. I always had questions when I decided to go to Austria and Poland. In my opinion, these two countries are different from Baltic countries with more refugees, more visitors, even more robbers. More people that could make me decide to go to the next time. But when I realize that the only thing hindering me from this is to be a female. Then I decided to go because I thought I needed to further this claim and to get what I will appreciate.

The final thing is that learn from small surroundings, which would complete your solo journey with colorful memories from other people. Locals, visitors, roommates, restaurants, etc. You could get red or get angry when you asked the waitress for English menu but she said there was none. You could get pink when you finally met a place you really longed for and it was in front of you. It might be blue when you thought that it was the only one day left you still could stay there.


Accidentally met at the park in Talinn

Indeed, many people should try once to travel alone or go to somewhere you can betray yourself, make you own decisions. The outside world is dangerous, and nobody out there is not that believable, but staying in the same cage should not be an action you deserve.

Let’s trust yourself and Travel the world

See you in the next week!

Getting lost is both good and bad!


Now, I will continue to tell my story of #jntrekkingineu. It is obvious that I went there alone, so I will come up with ‘getting lost’ experience in each country that I have been!

I know that you all have ever got lost in somewhere you were not familiar with or it was your first time there. So did I! Along this trip, I got lost in every country that I have been!

Many travelers said that getting lost would always take part in every trip they have been. For some, it was a terrible situation for them, but for some, including me, even it was quite scaring, it would always make laugh for my own foolish decisions about where to go or what to do.


Obertraun Dachsteinhöhlen Bahnhof, Austria

I will talk to Lithuania first. I had around 4 days to travel in Vilnius before going to the camp in Šiauliai. As I ever recommended you about Vilnius The Old Town that 1 day is enough for you. My first day there was really new and good for me, but for my second day, I got lost around there! And all day long I just wanted to find some walls and a restaurant but I could not! Yes!!! I lost my 1 precious day in Vilnius! However, it was lucky for me that my hostel was located at the Gate of Dawn, a popular part of the Old town.


The Old Town Vilnius, Lithuania

Second, I will talk about Halstatt in Austria. I booked my hotel at the Obertraun, a district away from Hallstatt around 10 minutes. After I went out of my OBB station. I was looking for my hotel. In Google Maps, it located at the same side of the train station. Thus, I went around the houses and looked for some housesalike. I was getting lost there around 30 minutes with my heavy bag at my back until I gave up and asked the local there. He was an uncle at the corner in his house. He said in local language but his fingers pointed at the opposite site if the train station. At that time I felt like ‘Gosh, are you serious?’ It was not the same pattern as it showed in GPS! But I had to go if I wanted to leave my bag as soon as possible. So I needed to walk back and it took me around another 10 minutes. And I finally reached!


The hotel!

This time I realized that if I went for once and I was not sure, I should find some reliable locals to ask where it was before it took more of my time!

Last but not least in Talinn, Estonia.

I promised to myself at that time that I would ask if I did not know where I was. But, unfortunately, I did not ask any of them while I was in the Old town of Talinn. As I ever lost in Vilnius, the same way I did in Talinn! I tried to go some places that I never walked to, but it did not work. This time just took only 2 hours for me to get lost. It was much less that I did in Vilnius, but at this time, I did not feel bored about it because at the last point I went is that I went to a place for visitors to see the whole from the top.


The Old Town Talinn, Estonia

So from all of these and experience untold here sum up my ‘getting lost’ as my unfortunate but precious experience for me to just stroll and happy with every walk I took 😀

For the next blog, I will come with my little tips when you want to travel in Europe alone, especially as a girl, a lady and a woman before we take a trip to another 2 countries in Baltic countries: Latvia and Estonia.

Stay tuned!


Hello everyone!

Have you ever met this hashtag before, #jntrekkingineu ?

Some have. Some haven’t. I will not assume anything anymore but today I will talk about my journey when I was in EU on the last vacation before my second-year first semester at Thammasat University.

In fact, EU or European countries cover more than 26 countries, but I have just been there around five countries. If you search my hashtag or my account Jnglobetrekker on Instagram, you will see many photos from my journey. My main point bringing me there was to be a volunteer at Lithuania around 1 month. And I still had around 2 weeks for staying in Europe.


As a volunteer at Virvyte Camp

I was thinking for many times that where I should go. Any places should be anywhere safe enough for me because I needed to travel alone. So it popped up in my mind that I should go somewhere I really desired to go once in my life!

Therefore, Austria and Auswitchz Concentration Camp came to my head. I have heard so many times about How beautiful Austria is. Salzbrug, Halstatt and Vienna are always in my head. So this is why I decided to go to Austria even though it is quite far from Lithuania if you see the map.


Salzbrug, Austria


Hallstatt, Austria

For the reason why I wanted to go to the Concentration Camp in Poland is that I have ever seen many films about WWll such as The Boys in the Stripped Pajamas, Schindler’s List and Life is beautiful. I have ever read Anne Frank and a lot of readings about this situation. No wonder that why I wanted to go to this place.

At that time, I already pinpointed about this city.


Auschwitz Concentration Camp

However, not enough for my soul, I still wanted to go to Latvia and Estonia because they are in Baltic countries and not many Thais know about it. I have ever studied Geography and I always needed to remember Baltic sea at the north of Europe continent. And at this time, I had a chance to go to Lithuania. So why I should miss it? And they took just 4 hours from Baltic countries themselves so it did not waste much of my time.


Riga, Latvia


Talinn, Estonia

From all of these, they became my 10-day personal journey at EU. From 1 and a half month, one thing that I really missed was Thai food. This is a warning from me for Thai people who are planing to go to Baltic Countries or other countries in Europe. If you think you will miss This food and Thai taste or Thai spicy food or etc, you should try Thai food from Thai owners of those restaurants. There might be a lot of Asian food in several countries but I am certain that it differed from the missing one.

For me, I was lucky that I could adapt myself to different tastes but honestly I missed Thai food. One restaurant I will recommend you is the one located in Vienna, Austria. It is near Naschmarkt or Kettenbruckengasse underground, Lemon Leaf Thai Restaurant. I found it accidentally near my hostel. It was sooooooo good!! The price was normal if you decided to eat in the restaurant in Austria.

Actually I have more things to say about my experience, so

Stay tuned for the next blog!!

Last seaside city in Lietuva!

A time for Klaipėda


Another large city in Lithuania located in the western of the country.

For readers who may be confused about how to call this city. It is ‘Klai-Pey-Da’. That’s it!!

This city has a connecting way to Palanga and Nida as I ever told you before about its stunning.

Traveling from Vilnius takes around 3 to 4 hours. by bus or train.

It is another seaside city with seaports, old town and new town.

It seems like a signature of every city in Lithuania that each has its own old town and new town. and so does Klaipėda. You might think that it would be the same as Kaunas or Vilnius. Absolutely it will never be the same! Even though full of restaurants and bars for tourists like us to feel its atmosphere and easy to get explored by foot, it would be your nice short visit in the city for sure. Here is full of Scandinavian and German architectures as well.


A place you should not miss here is the Square of Theatre. It hosts many special events in this city for locals and visitors with the sculpture of Ann as a youthful barefoot girl from Tharaw and drama theatre.

This city has its seaside, so it is no hesitation about going to have some relaxation at the beach and Melnrage beach is the closest one to the city. Normally, it will be more visited in summer and crowded during any special occasions. For people who want to see the sunset, here is the perfect place for you!


Have you ever heard Summer Christmas before?

It is the special feast hosted annually in the last weekend of July, especially in Klaipeda! It is full of performances, shows and concerts. There are a lot of people, locals, Lithuanians or any visitors will come and join this traditional sea festival! So if you have a chance there, don’t miss by the way!


Another district in Klaipėda has not been told yet! It is Smiltynė. It is an area reachable of boats or ferry only! And here is a place connected to Curonian Spit as known as a breathtaking beach in Lithuania. So if you want to get there, you just need to go to the seaport first with public transport in Klaipėda: bus and minibus.

You may feel confused where to go in Lithuania when you want the beach listed in your journey because there have been 3 cities now! Nida, Palanga and Klaipėda. As a tourist, we might think that it can be anywhere but just Lithuanian. No! It is not an absolute answer for you! To ease this decision, some of my Lithuanian crews suggested me that if I like to party, Palanga is your better answer. Or I if I just want to have some relaxation during my vacation, Klaipėda can respond you in this way. Otherwise you prefer to feel more natures and peace. Nida is a more suitable choice.

Do you see?

Each city has its distinctiveness.

Find your own. Grab your bag. And travel Lithuania!

For the next week, I will come up with special story of my own journey.

Stay tuned!


Special thanks for beautiful photos 😀