Getting lost is both good and bad!


Now, I will continue to tell my story of #jntrekkingineu. It is obvious that I went there alone, so I will come up with ‘getting lost’ experience in each country that I have been!

I know that you all have ever got lost in somewhere you were not familiar with or it was your first time there. So did I! Along this trip, I got lost in every country that I have been!

Many travelers said that getting lost would always take part in every trip they have been. For some, it was a terrible situation for them, but for some, including me, even it was quite scaring, it would always make laugh for my own foolish decisions about where to go or what to do.


Obertraun Dachsteinhöhlen Bahnhof, Austria

I will talk to Lithuania first. I had around 4 days to travel in Vilnius before going to the camp in Šiauliai. As I ever recommended you about Vilnius The Old Town that 1 day is enough for you. My first day there was really new and good for me, but for my second day, I got lost around there! And all day long I just wanted to find some walls and a restaurant but I could not! Yes!!! I lost my 1 precious day in Vilnius! However, it was lucky for me that my hostel was located at the Gate of Dawn, a popular part of the Old town.


The Old Town Vilnius, Lithuania

Second, I will talk about Halstatt in Austria. I booked my hotel at the Obertraun, a district away from Hallstatt around 10 minutes. After I went out of my OBB station. I was looking for my hotel. In Google Maps, it located at the same side of the train station. Thus, I went around the houses and looked for some housesalike. I was getting lost there around 30 minutes with my heavy bag at my back until I gave up and asked the local there. He was an uncle at the corner in his house. He said in local language but his fingers pointed at the opposite site if the train station. At that time I felt like ‘Gosh, are you serious?’ It was not the same pattern as it showed in GPS! But I had to go if I wanted to leave my bag as soon as possible. So I needed to walk back and it took me around another 10 minutes. And I finally reached!


The hotel!

This time I realized that if I went for once and I was not sure, I should find some reliable locals to ask where it was before it took more of my time!

Last but not least in Talinn, Estonia.

I promised to myself at that time that I would ask if I did not know where I was. But, unfortunately, I did not ask any of them while I was in the Old town of Talinn. As I ever lost in Vilnius, the same way I did in Talinn! I tried to go some places that I never walked to, but it did not work. This time just took only 2 hours for me to get lost. It was much less that I did in Vilnius, but at this time, I did not feel bored about it because at the last point I went is that I went to a place for visitors to see the whole from the top.


The Old Town Talinn, Estonia

So from all of these and experience untold here sum up my ‘getting lost’ as my unfortunate but precious experience for me to just stroll and happy with every walk I took 😀

For the next blog, I will come with my little tips when you want to travel in Europe alone, especially as a girl, a lady and a woman before we take a trip to another 2 countries in Baltic countries: Latvia and Estonia.

Stay tuned!


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