Check Kaunas and Nida out!

Today! Kaunas, Nida and Klaipidė are going to be told! As I ever told you so far that Lithuania has more than Vilnius, Trakai or Šiauliai always appeared on several tourism plans. They, or even your bucket lists should add these cities.

And we are gonna start with Kaunus!

Kaunas is located around 30 minutes west side from Vilnius. It is one of the largest cities in Lithuania. If you love to walk along somewhere archaic and some modern parts with friendly weather in summer. Kaunas is your absolute answer.


Somewhere ancient like Kaunas Castle since the 14th century with its long history as a place of Lithuanian leaders and being the fort at the same time. It is located at the confluence of the rivers, Nemunas and Neris, the same one in the heart of Vilnius.

Nearby, Santaka Park, normally claimed as the heart of Kaunas, is a park you can have some relaxation from your trip.

Castle might not be enough for your trip in Kaunas, its Old Town is your another choice to visit.laisvesaleja

You may possibly think that it is a town with conservative people, or just go there to absorb its ancient feelings. Don’t take it too serious like that. If you discover more in Kaunas, you will find many street art on buildings able to complete your trip here 🙂


And don’t worry if you think you need buses to go around. Many interesting places here are in the walking distance, so just prepare your shoes, bag and soul! 

From now, It is a SEA time!!!

Nida, Klaipidė or Palanga as I ever told you looooooooooooong time ago.

These cities are perfectly located near Baltic Sea and popular destinations for foreigners or even Lithuanians themselves!

We will look into Nida first.


Nida may not others’ destination but mine! However, when I went to Lithuania, I did not go. It was so sad but it is not a big deal because I will go there again for sure.

If you see the city from above you will something impressive like this because from the map, Nida is located in the middle between 2 seas but actually the entire west is the Baltic sea.


The town with distinctive and peaceful atmosphere has become an interesting place in duration of music and modern art show.

If you do not know where to start in Nida, you can walk along to discover by yourself or ask the locals there, or take a tour to the Curonian Spit, a must place!

How to go there is here, if you are in Klaipidė, another popular city near the Baltic sea, it takes around 2 hours and a half by bus. Actually I have the websites that you check the timetable both of bus and ferry!

Ferry link:

Bus timetable:

Full with Kaunas and Nida?

Of course not! only one thing to feel complete is to go there!

You can list these two cities in your list

but there are still two cities: Palanga and Klaipidė

Stay Tuned!

It will be here soon!

Thanks for your photos here 😀


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