My 6 fav lists in Riga


As I said last time that I will still talk more about Riga, so today I come up with my favorite lists in Riga. Some of you may recognize that I had only one day in Riga but why I had many favorite lists so fast! Emmmm How to say.

Honestly, I felt so sad when I made this wrong decision to stay in Riga only one day because from that day I feel like Riga is bigger than I could expect. Its art and beauty of  the town smelling were perfect for me to stay longer to discover such a city!

Now it wastes your time so much so I will come with the first place


Building of the Library

I’m quite sure that those fond of books and wanting to feel once in other foreign libraries. They should try here once. Unfortunately for me again that it ran out of time when I was there but just the architecture outside really interested me at the first time I saw because it was located outstandingly across the old town.


Unfinished buildings

I need to say sorry for you first that I cannot find these two buildings. I found it when I was in the city tour bus. They had not been finished yet while I was there but they were my favorite because when I took a photo of it, it just made me happy.

Just that!


Art Academy of Latvia

I found this place accidentally while walking randomly. At first I thought it would be one of the famous cathedral in Riga but it was not! However, its aesthetics is completely suitable for what it actually is. Don’t you agree?

IMG_3566.JPGLatvian War Museum

No words can be described for this place because I was determined to come here to know more what happened in the past in Latvia. Some might think that why I did not go to other places such as art gallery. Definitely I want to but I come here alone without any personal guides. I thought I should get to know something about the history because I might not emotionally give my feeling to the city. If I had not known before about how this city had been developed, I might have thought that Bangkok was bigger and no need to travel here again.

Now I finally found why kids should be educated ‘history’.

But in a neutral way with two sides 😀


Nativity of Christ Orthodox Cathedral

I could not take my eyes of this church! It caught me at the first glance and I took a lot of photos of it. I felt it was quite bizarre and perfect for me! It was once used to be a planetarium during Soviet Occupation. The church has survived since the first World War and the second World War. Its interior and exterior have been highly valued.

Just a must place you should not miss!


For the last thing I will talk here, it is not an actual place but it could give me the breathtaking view of Riga, especially in my opinion.

And these are all my impressions when I think of Riga

If you have a chance to go to Baltic countries, you should try more than 1 day in Riga because you will possibly fall in love with the art of Latvia, which is really worth coming!

See you the next week!


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