Worth solo traveling!

Hello guysssss

As I ever said that I would give you little tips about a solo lady traveling alone in Europe. Actually, a lot of tips are provided in many websites, yeah, including mine. But it would be in my version that I used it when I traveled around.

The first thing is always looking around! Well, thieves or robbers, we all do not want to meet them. In fact, to look around is to prepare yourself for what is going on in the place you are in. If there is anything irregular, or less people are there, you will still have little of time to figure out what you need to do! It is good for you when you catch something accidentally but usefully. In Krakow, Poland, I could not withdraw the money from any ATMs. Luckily I had some Euro and Thai Baht but I still wanted more to make the hostel payment in Warsaw. I accidentally saw an exchange place having Thai Baht in the table. Almost closed at 8pm, 10 minutes left that I found it and went strain with full pleasure.  This is the second thing, always check your cards!


Normally not only your cards, any staff that you bring even though you are in the place you think it is safe. Yes it is safe but if you forget it by yourself, it is done as well.

The third one is to always find the information. If you want to go in the famous museum, you need to know first what is the opening hours, how to get there and how to get in, always check the map that is it the right place? This is easy and many overlook but actually we should not!


Krakow, Poland

The next thing is my favorite part, forget your sex and do what you want. What I mean is that sometimes many people said that you cannot travel or go to somewhere seeming dangerous because you are just a woman, or a girl. I always had questions when I decided to go to Austria and Poland. In my opinion, these two countries are different from Baltic countries with more refugees, more visitors, even more robbers. More people that could make me decide to go to the next time. But when I realize that the only thing hindering me from this is to be a female. Then I decided to go because I thought I needed to further this claim and to get what I will appreciate.

The final thing is that learn from small surroundings, which would complete your solo journey with colorful memories from other people. Locals, visitors, roommates, restaurants, etc. You could get red or get angry when you asked the waitress for English menu but she said there was none. You could get pink when you finally met a place you really longed for and it was in front of you. It might be blue when you thought that it was the only one day left you still could stay there.


Accidentally met at the park in Talinn

Indeed, many people should try once to travel alone or go to somewhere you can betray yourself, make you own decisions. The outside world is dangerous, and nobody out there is not that believable, but staying in the same cage should not be an action you deserve.

Let’s trust yourself and Travel the world

See you in the next week!


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