Once in Tallinn, twice in list!


Last time, we talked about Latvia, Riga city. Today we will talk about another Baltic country which is located at the north of Latvia and 2 hours by ships far from Finland.

It’s Estonia!

You might have no idea because actually not many Thais know this country and one of Estonians himself I ever met in Thailand said as well that his country was not that well-known among Thai society. However, I have already been there.

So now, Let’s get to know it!

Estonia has Tallinn as its capital city, located at the northwest.


Tallinn may be quite different from the other two because its tourist attractions are not in the walking distance between each other (for me). So the cheapest way to travel here is by bus, then I bought a green card with 3-day ticket for 7 euros at a branch of R-Kiosk. You may not feel familiar with this but if you are in the Baltic countries, it would be your favorite place when you want something basic at that moment.

The first place everyone could not miss is its old town! To be honest, from all old towns that I have ever been, my favorite is the Old town of Tallinn. Even though each country has its distinct but for me Tallinn is the most expressive one.

Why is it?

Perhaps it is because I thought I got lost but I accidentally found the picturesque of Tallinn!


There were so many times that I felt like I should open the map and find the way out but it brought me to the position of their highlights.

However, back to Tallinn!

The must places here cannot be anything but Town Hall Square. If it is in the summer and more tourists, there will be plenty of shops at the centre and lots of terraces from restaurants around there to serve their clients with the best atmosphere as much as they could.


Another place is St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It is the main Russian Orthodox cathedral of Estonia, originally built as a symbol of Russia’s dominance at that time. Now as a masterpiece of architecture full of rich decorations, it is one of the landmarks near the parliament of Estonia in the Old Town district.

And do not forget to take a photo of this pink parliament as well!


Another place recommended to go is Walls of Tallinn. There will be an entrance for visitors with 3 euros to go upstairs and find one of the most beautiful view in Tallinn the Old Town!

Actually, all I want to recommend you is that taking a walk around the old town is the best answer for visiting here because you can absorb the feeling being surrounded by old styles of buildings.

Or if you already finish your walk here and still have more time but want some cruise trips, just go to the port, book a ticket and go to Helsinki in only 2 hours with a lot of service on board!

Another good choice, right?

However, for the next time what will we talk about.

It’s my secret.



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