Trakai Castle – The orange and astonishing castle of LTU

Today, A-MUST place when everybody comes to Lithuania, they are not going to miss it! It is Trakai Castle Island.

You may think that it will be located among the Baltic sea but it is not. Definitely located in an island over the lake Galves in Trakai province and built in the 14th century, Trakai castle was destructed so hard in World War ll. However, the government had reconstructed the castle until it is one of picturesque castles in the world.IMG_9567

How to get there is really easy. You can take a bus from the main bus station in Vilnius, located around 5 minutes from Gate of Dawn, the Old Town. An one-way ticket costs no more than 2 euros, if you are still students, the cost is less than 1 euro. There are always a bus going to Trakai in every open hour. It takes around 45 minutes to reach.  When you arrive, do not hesitate to ask the officials around there to get the map. It is not a long distance to take a walk and watch this little charming city. There is a place full of traditional houses and churches because the government holds the policy to keep them stay. If you want some views of lake, houses, and trees, you can walk along the lake. It is actually a peaceful and small city, excluding the castle, you can feel all of them in a couple of hours.

However, our main point to come there is the Castle!

As I said that the castle among the lake, there is a bridge for you. The ticket price for visiting inside is 6 euros for adults and 3 euros for students and seniors. You can buy at the in front of the entrance. Don’t forget its opening hours!


Another choice to get more impressed by visiting Trakai is to ride a boat. A lot of options for anyone. For example, you go with your friends and you do not need something much expensive or comfort, you can rent a boat to get around the Lake to enjoy its surrounding nature.


What if you desire more convenience and more details about this district, there are certainly many proper services for you.


However, if you think you have enough time to stroll there. It is quite safe enough because this town is really serene and quite, but there are still people walking at some points on the street or along the Lake, besides in summer, many people come to the Lake to swim and take a rest. Personally I think, Lithuania is quite a safe country in the daytime during their summer and Lithuanians are mostly willing to help tourists although they cannot speak English, especially in seniors or old people there.


My personal suggestion about traveling in Trakai is that it is unnecessary to sleep there because it is not far from Vilnius, a place full of cheap hotels and hostels, and the sunsets are around 10 PM in summer and it comes up around 5AM. Therefore, it really suit any visitors to just come and have fun, not sleep.

However, I just recommend!

Next round it would be a very special topic about Lithuania, It Is FOOD.

You will be provided with any kinds of food and where to find them

(with same two words)