Hello everyone!

Have you ever met this hashtag before, #jntrekkingineu ?

Some have. Some haven’t. I will not assume anything anymore but today I will talk about my journey when I was in EU on the last vacation before my second-year first semester at Thammasat University.

In fact, EU or European countries cover more than 26 countries, but I have just been there around five countries. If you search my hashtag or my account Jnglobetrekker on Instagram, you will see many photos from my journey. My main point bringing me there was to be a volunteer at Lithuania around 1 month. And I still had around 2 weeks for staying in Europe.


As a volunteer at Virvyte Camp

I was thinking for many times that where I should go. Any places should be anywhere safe enough for me because I needed to travel alone. So it popped up in my mind that I should go somewhere I really desired to go once in my life!

Therefore, Austria and Auswitchz Concentration Camp came to my head. I have heard so many times about How beautiful Austria is. Salzbrug, Halstatt and Vienna are always in my head. So this is why I decided to go to Austria even though it is quite far from Lithuania if you see the map.


Salzbrug, Austria


Hallstatt, Austria

For the reason why I wanted to go to the Concentration Camp in Poland is that I have ever seen many films about WWll such as The Boys in the Stripped Pajamas, Schindler’s List and Life is beautiful. I have ever read Anne Frank and a lot of readings about this situation. No wonder that why I wanted to go to this place.

At that time, I already pinpointed about this city.


Auschwitz Concentration Camp

However, not enough for my soul, I still wanted to go to Latvia and Estonia because they are in Baltic countries and not many Thais know about it. I have ever studied Geography and I always needed to remember Baltic sea at the north of Europe continent. And at this time, I had a chance to go to Lithuania. So why I should miss it? And they took just 4 hours from Baltic countries themselves so it did not waste much of my time.


Riga, Latvia


Talinn, Estonia

From all of these, they became my 10-day personal journey at EU. From 1 and a half month, one thing that I really missed was Thai food. This is a warning from me for Thai people who are planing to go to Baltic Countries or other countries in Europe. If you think you will miss This food and Thai taste or Thai spicy food or etc, you should try Thai food from Thai owners of those restaurants. There might be a lot of Asian food in several countries but I am certain that it differed from the missing one.

For me, I was lucky that I could adapt myself to different tastes but honestly I missed Thai food. One restaurant I will recommend you is the one located in Vienna, Austria. It is near Naschmarkt or Kettenbruckengasse underground, Lemon Leaf Thai Restaurant. I found it accidentally near my hostel. It was sooooooo good!! The price was normal if you decided to eat in the restaurant in Austria.

Actually I have more things to say about my experience, so

Stay tuned for the next blog!!


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