The rest of LTU is still waiting for you!

As I told you in last last blog about more Lithuanian food.

Here comes a time!!!!!!

In fact, not a kind of food but a traditional drink, Gira or Kvass. It is partially made of bread, many types of it: wheat, rye, or oat. Surprised? Really uncommon for tourists like us, but Lithuanians have made it with several fruits, grains, or cakes since their ancestors were alive. In the period of their time, people drank it more often than water. From now on, you can find it in most restaurants and supermarkets.


Wondering how its taste does? I need to say that I once tried in Charlie Pizza, first time was really wried for me and I was finding what drinks in Thailand tasted like but I could not find. Not that extraordinary but individually characteristic. And pretty surprising facts are that Gira is non-alcoholic drink, a lot of Lithuanian people love beer, though.

Are you interested in cake? Have you known tree cake before? Generally it just looks like a tree but not the factual one, called Šakotis. This layered cake has its popularity in European people’s special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. Its taste depends on ingredients and toppings by connoisseurs. You should try once, with your friends because it might be too much for one person.


Now we already ended the food part in which I suggest you to


From all we have talked about Lithuania, it happened only in Vilnius or Trakai. However, Lithuania still has Šiauliai, Kaunas, Nida and Klaipėda to get visited. Don’t worry that it may takeso much time to go from Vilnius, where you’d like tasty for a whole trip. You are just needed for a few days for beach sides on Nida or Klapide but one-day trip to Šiauliai or Kaunas.

For the rest of today, only Šiauliai will be talked here. You can pronounce it ‘Shoo-Ley’. It is one of the biggest city in Lithuania. You can walk along the city centre.

The atmosphere with less visitors than Vilnius can make you relaxed and refined. However, one of sacred and popular sights to visit there is Hill of Crosses or Kryziu Kalnas. The name already said themselves. More than hundred thousands of crosses were left there. Its history is long, but briefly now, it is a symbolic monument of faith and peace for Catholic pilgrims and prayers and also of struggle to independence for Lithuanian people. 


How to get there is easy. It is located 16 km away from the city of Šiauliai, Ryga highway. For public transport, get to Šiauliai first and find the Dubijos street, near the train station, then turn right on Tilzes. Buy the ticket from the driver of the bus labeled Šiauliai – Joniškis. Let him know that you need to get off at Domantai Stop. When you are there, follow the sign ‘Kryziu Kalnas’ and There you are!

There are still three cities on the list going to be unveiled on the next week.

Don’t forget to join our journey with them



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