Palanga is calling!

Are you interested in more seaside parts of Lithuania?

Here they are!

We will start with Palanga first!


Palanga is located on the western. There is another international airport in Lithuania but it opens for not many international airlines and no domestic flights, Palanga International Airport. Generally the best way to come to Palanga from any cities is by buses. Personally from all my experience there, any bus stations are convenient for both locals and foreigners to take a bus to their destinations, including Palanga. It takes around 4 to 5 hours.


But again if you already visit Vilnius and Palanga or your last city is near Palanga, and you next point is somewhere such as Riga – Latvia, Warsaw – Poland, or Copenhagen Denmark. You can check and book the flight from there because there are some low-cost airlines which are worth buying not to waste your time. It is not surprising that many countries in Europe can go to each other easily but Europe is the continent! I can confirm that it still takes time if you want to go to another country quite far. There are a lot of buses available with cheap prices, though.

Airport website:

Get back to Palanga!

I know you might think that Thailand has Phuket and a number of islands. It might be hard for us to list Palanga on our targets but once you come to Lithuania. Here should not be missed for people who like crowded or secluded beaches, places to stay calm with nature and perfect nightlife! Wowwwww it is all in one place here in Lithuania.


When it is the seaside, the best time to come here is summer! And a few valuable months: July and August that the average temperature is more than 20 C. Yes, it is Lithuania’s summer. But actually you can come there every season because the atmosphere and any actives will become more different when it is a different time.

The popular beach can be approachable by many entrances easily for you to look and ask. For the popular street to stroll your life is Basanavičius Street, full of colors and loud music to stir up your trip and  where to find your lunch alternatively.


In Palanga, you can find numerous kinds of restaurants such as Lithuanian, Belgian, Russian, or Ukrainian food. If you want a romantic dinner, grabbing snacks with your favorite cocktail, Floros Simfonija are there

From any restaurants, one thing I want to recommend you that you take a chance to enjoy your meal at the balcony of the restaurants. Don’t get afraid of Lithuanian summer. It will be your best summer ever!

I think you can assume about its nightlife here! Which is many’s heaven!


For peace said above, Botanic Gardens and Amber museum are the answers!

amber museum.jpg

Same things in Kaunas, many places are connected and your go by a walk as Kaunas or others else. There is another choice for you if you do not feel good by foot, which is bicycles. You can rent to ride instead of walking and it will be your comfort again that is many towns in Lithuania always have special bicycle paths for their populations.

However with the same phrase as I told you the last blog: Prepare you shoes and soul is enough!

And here is enough for Palanga

I will come up with the the last town in Lithuania.

Stay Tuned!!!!


Thanks for your photos 😀čiaus_gatvė_en_Palanga_2.jpg


Check Kaunas and Nida out!

Today! Kaunas, Nida and Klaipidė are going to be told! As I ever told you so far that Lithuania has more than Vilnius, Trakai or Šiauliai always appeared on several tourism plans. They, or even your bucket lists should add these cities.

And we are gonna start with Kaunus!

Kaunas is located around 30 minutes west side from Vilnius. It is one of the largest cities in Lithuania. If you love to walk along somewhere archaic and some modern parts with friendly weather in summer. Kaunas is your absolute answer.


Somewhere ancient like Kaunas Castle since the 14th century with its long history as a place of Lithuanian leaders and being the fort at the same time. It is located at the confluence of the rivers, Nemunas and Neris, the same one in the heart of Vilnius.

Nearby, Santaka Park, normally claimed as the heart of Kaunas, is a park you can have some relaxation from your trip.

Castle might not be enough for your trip in Kaunas, its Old Town is your another choice to visit.laisvesaleja

You may possibly think that it is a town with conservative people, or just go there to absorb its ancient feelings. Don’t take it too serious like that. If you discover more in Kaunas, you will find many street art on buildings able to complete your trip here 🙂


And don’t worry if you think you need buses to go around. Many interesting places here are in the walking distance, so just prepare your shoes, bag and soul! 

From now, It is a SEA time!!!

Nida, Klaipidė or Palanga as I ever told you looooooooooooong time ago.

These cities are perfectly located near Baltic Sea and popular destinations for foreigners or even Lithuanians themselves!

We will look into Nida first.


Nida may not others’ destination but mine! However, when I went to Lithuania, I did not go. It was so sad but it is not a big deal because I will go there again for sure.

If you see the city from above you will something impressive like this because from the map, Nida is located in the middle between 2 seas but actually the entire west is the Baltic sea.


The town with distinctive and peaceful atmosphere has become an interesting place in duration of music and modern art show.

If you do not know where to start in Nida, you can walk along to discover by yourself or ask the locals there, or take a tour to the Curonian Spit, a must place!

How to go there is here, if you are in Klaipidė, another popular city near the Baltic sea, it takes around 2 hours and a half by bus. Actually I have the websites that you check the timetable both of bus and ferry!

Ferry link:

Bus timetable:

Full with Kaunas and Nida?

Of course not! only one thing to feel complete is to go there!

You can list these two cities in your list

but there are still two cities: Palanga and Klaipidė

Stay Tuned!

It will be here soon!

Thanks for your photos here 😀

The rest of LTU is still waiting for you!

As I told you in last last blog about more Lithuanian food.

Here comes a time!!!!!!

In fact, not a kind of food but a traditional drink, Gira or Kvass. It is partially made of bread, many types of it: wheat, rye, or oat. Surprised? Really uncommon for tourists like us, but Lithuanians have made it with several fruits, grains, or cakes since their ancestors were alive. In the period of their time, people drank it more often than water. From now on, you can find it in most restaurants and supermarkets.


Wondering how its taste does? I need to say that I once tried in Charlie Pizza, first time was really wried for me and I was finding what drinks in Thailand tasted like but I could not find. Not that extraordinary but individually characteristic. And pretty surprising facts are that Gira is non-alcoholic drink, a lot of Lithuanian people love beer, though.

Are you interested in cake? Have you known tree cake before? Generally it just looks like a tree but not the factual one, called Šakotis. This layered cake has its popularity in European people’s special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. Its taste depends on ingredients and toppings by connoisseurs. You should try once, with your friends because it might be too much for one person.


Now we already ended the food part in which I suggest you to


From all we have talked about Lithuania, it happened only in Vilnius or Trakai. However, Lithuania still has Šiauliai, Kaunas, Nida and Klaipėda to get visited. Don’t worry that it may takeso much time to go from Vilnius, where you’d like tasty for a whole trip. You are just needed for a few days for beach sides on Nida or Klapide but one-day trip to Šiauliai or Kaunas.

For the rest of today, only Šiauliai will be talked here. You can pronounce it ‘Shoo-Ley’. It is one of the biggest city in Lithuania. You can walk along the city centre.

The atmosphere with less visitors than Vilnius can make you relaxed and refined. However, one of sacred and popular sights to visit there is Hill of Crosses or Kryziu Kalnas. The name already said themselves. More than hundred thousands of crosses were left there. Its history is long, but briefly now, it is a symbolic monument of faith and peace for Catholic pilgrims and prayers and also of struggle to independence for Lithuanian people. 


How to get there is easy. It is located 16 km away from the city of Šiauliai, Ryga highway. For public transport, get to Šiauliai first and find the Dubijos street, near the train station, then turn right on Tilzes. Buy the ticket from the driver of the bus labeled Šiauliai – Joniškis. Let him know that you need to get off at Domantai Stop. When you are there, follow the sign ‘Kryziu Kalnas’ and There you are!

There are still three cities on the list going to be unveiled on the next week.

Don’t forget to join our journey with them


Let’s fill your stomach at Lithuania!

As you were told in the last blog that this new one will come up with recommended restaurants. I need to say that I had gathered the information from internet and local people before, or some of them I just met and tried for once. And from all that I have tried, I just categorize and want to recommend you if you are there one day.

Don’t get stuck in them! They are just personally based on my tongue but quite internationally I cannot deny =D


First of all, this restaurant is located in Uzupis District set by the river Vilnia, in the walking distance from the Old Town. Užupio kavinė is a place for people who want to hang out or have a meal with a great view of the river and its surrounding. It serves as Lithuanian cuisine and others. Personally recommending to you, I put this restaurant with the greatest view of all along my trip there!

The Restaurant Address: Užupio g. 2 Vilnius

Opening Hours: 10.00-23.00


Not too far from Užupio kavinė, on its south, at every Friday, there are various different cafes and restaurants in an area for people who want to try more types of food in one place! And it is Street Food Market or Open Kitchen! Actually foreigners do not often come here because it is not the popular area for visiting. Foods there are not a kind of foreigners want to try but for those people who are familiar with food truck, already tried Lithuanian traditional dishes, should come to this place to try more types of food which local people mostly enjoy!

The Restaurant Address: Aukštaičių / Maironio str. Vilnius

Opening Hours: Friday 11.30-23.00

What if you are afraid of being able to eat Lithuanian dishes and look for some restaurants that serve meals with international tastes. La crêpe and Čili Pica are my results of your wondering. They serve various types of western foods such as crêpes, pizza, salad, or steaks in Lithuanian version, but it is perfectly applied. Čili Pica has a lot of branches around city area and shopping malls. There is one La Crêpe at the city centre street and in many shopping malls.

More info: and

Sweet time is here! For the dessert, I proudly suggest you to try hot chocolate at AJ Šokoladas. For people who loves chocolate, you need to try this one! However, if you feel indifferent with chocolate, you can try other menu: cakes, pudding, candies and etc. Their goods and package are appropriate to be your gifts for your families, friends or neighbors. There are a lot of branches in Lithuania as well, so if you want to try in the Old Town but you do not have enough time. You can try at G09, the shopping mall at the city centre street instead.

The Restaurant Branches: Vilnius, Trakai, Šiauliai, Klaipėda, Mažeikiai, Panevėžys, Druskininkai

More info:

However, some people may wonder about the price rate that Lithuania is the one of the European countries. It is not that expensive as in more popular destinations like France or German. You can determine your own limitation per meal and there are many available food to fit your budget. Starting from 5 euros to 20 euros. My caution is you need to admit the way you can afford. I think you all who like to travel always are aware of everything as the best you decide what you want to be a part of your trip!

Wow not enough for Lithuanian food that I ever said on the last blog.

So stay tuned for my next one! It will come with some special places in Lithuania but not in Vilnius or Trakai.

Sea You!

Eating is also a key!


What we will talk today is Food in Lithuania, not only traditional dished but also any kinds of food that you can find and how they taste!

As a traveller or tourist, however, one of the most important things to survive is to eat! If compared to Thailand, it is quite harder to find where to eat or supermarkets in Lithuania. Rimi, Maxima, Norfa, Lidl and IKI are often found in every city area. They seem like main supermarkets in Lithuania that you can find other stuff not food you need in there as well!

The first thing that you should try is Lithuanian traditional bread, Juoda Duona, made of dark rye! You can find it every store because it has the different taste and color from normal white bread. Its cost does not differ from the normal level of bread cost in Lithuania.


Pink Soup and Dark Rye Bread with other dishes                                                                                                                                                               by Delano at Akropolis Shopping mall

Secondly, cold beet soup or traveller like me call it ‘pink soup’ as its color. Šaltibarščiai, made of dills, cucumber, boiled beet and buttermilk, is often served as cold with boiled potatoes. Actually you can imagine its taste by its ingredient. It is very special for you tongue!

Before the third dish, you are needed to know that Lithuania can be called as ‘Potatoes Land’. Lithuanians eat potatoes normally and everyday as Thais eat rice in any meals. Thus, Many meals below will be mainly cooked with potatoes but in various patterns.

The first is potato pancakes! You can find the menu in many restaurants. Probably eat it with sour cream, jam, yeast, curd cheese, or zucchini. At La crêpe, with Lithuanian cuisine, the menu is full of potato pancakes or crepes as well. You can see that even pancake or crepes, Lithuanians mostly use potatoes as the main ingredient which affect the taste of every dish distinctively and deliciously!


Potato pancake with salmon by La Crêpe at the cuty centre street


Potato crêpe with curd cheese

Another last meal by potato again on this post, everybody loves it as the national dish of Lithuania is Cepelinai. To know it easy, potato dough outside but meat inside and served with special source up to each cuisine. Its size, meat inside and sauce are also up to people’s favorites or chefs. However, it is not served with spicy and too much sour flavor! You can imagine how it tastes right now.



Where to find them will not be a question anymore! If you are around the Old Town, there are many restaurants for you to try Lithuanian dishes. Or if you are Asian like me and still not familiar with Western cuisine yet, there are some Asian restaurants, Korean, Japanese and Chinese, and Thai also. (but I have not tried Thai and Chinese restaurants) Somehow, you have just a week in Lithuania or Europe, just try traditional dishes first and some meals really dissimilar to your hometown meals. Make sure that you will can deal with its flavor too! Even though Lithuanian food are not as expensive as others but the expense should be worth eating!


Precisely for shops to get food, if you are wherever in the city even in Vilnius, Trakai or others, at least there are shops selling ingredients for you to cook for your own. RIMI, Maxima or IKI. Never underestimate Lithuanian supermarkets selling everything that you can buy them and stay in your house for more than 2 weeks! Some convenience stores such as NARVESEN will sell you not a big meal as 7-Eleven shops in Thailand do.

The upcoming week post will be more Lithuanian food you should not overlook and my recommended restaurants for all kinds again with their locations.



Trakai Castle – The orange and astonishing castle of LTU

Today, A-MUST place when everybody comes to Lithuania, they are not going to miss it! It is Trakai Castle Island.

You may think that it will be located among the Baltic sea but it is not. Definitely located in an island over the lake Galves in Trakai province and built in the 14th century, Trakai castle was destructed so hard in World War ll. However, the government had reconstructed the castle until it is one of picturesque castles in the world.IMG_9567

How to get there is really easy. You can take a bus from the main bus station in Vilnius, located around 5 minutes from Gate of Dawn, the Old Town. An one-way ticket costs no more than 2 euros, if you are still students, the cost is less than 1 euro. There are always a bus going to Trakai in every open hour. It takes around 45 minutes to reach.  When you arrive, do not hesitate to ask the officials around there to get the map. It is not a long distance to take a walk and watch this little charming city. There is a place full of traditional houses and churches because the government holds the policy to keep them stay. If you want some views of lake, houses, and trees, you can walk along the lake. It is actually a peaceful and small city, excluding the castle, you can feel all of them in a couple of hours.

However, our main point to come there is the Castle!

As I said that the castle among the lake, there is a bridge for you. The ticket price for visiting inside is 6 euros for adults and 3 euros for students and seniors. You can buy at the in front of the entrance. Don’t forget its opening hours!


Another choice to get more impressed by visiting Trakai is to ride a boat. A lot of options for anyone. For example, you go with your friends and you do not need something much expensive or comfort, you can rent a boat to get around the Lake to enjoy its surrounding nature.


What if you desire more convenience and more details about this district, there are certainly many proper services for you.


However, if you think you have enough time to stroll there. It is quite safe enough because this town is really serene and quite, but there are still people walking at some points on the street or along the Lake, besides in summer, many people come to the Lake to swim and take a rest. Personally I think, Lithuania is quite a safe country in the daytime during their summer and Lithuanians are mostly willing to help tourists although they cannot speak English, especially in seniors or old people there.


My personal suggestion about traveling in Trakai is that it is unnecessary to sleep there because it is not far from Vilnius, a place full of cheap hotels and hostels, and the sunsets are around 10 PM in summer and it comes up around 5AM. Therefore, it really suit any visitors to just come and have fun, not sleep.

However, I just recommend!

Next round it would be a very special topic about Lithuania, It Is FOOD.

You will be provided with any kinds of food and where to find them

(with same two words)


Deeper Vilnius is now available!

As some general information was given to you about Vilnius and Lithuania in the last article that you can follow up in my blog as ‘1st- Lithuania, Vilnius’ blog. Some people might feel a bit complicated about their locations. It will be much clearer here!

Exactly, you can walk from one place to one place. Most of them are located in a walking distance. You can walk along the OLD TOWN, which is one of UNESCO World Heritage list. It is a large area full of museums, churches, shops, restaurants and houses. In the middle, you will meet the Town Hall square surely able to give you a best shot of the Old Town also. A place considered as a must pleasing every visitor is St. Anne’s church, illustrating Lithuanian art and culture by red bricks.

When you end your walk and meet the Cathedral Square and The Gediminus Castle. If you look around you will see Three Crosses on the hill as known as Tauro hill. If you are interested in hiking or want to try, it’s around 30-minute hiking to this monument and you will get the impressive view of the Old Town and Gediminus Hill or the Castle Hill as well.


Three Crosses

At the main square, you will see 3 main landmarks: Bell Tower, Vilnius Cathedral and Statue of Grand Duke Gediminus. Behind the statue is the palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuania, where you can find out Lithuania’s history. Factually, the main square as known as Cathedral square is a place for a lot of festival to be held there because Lithuanians from the new town or tourists from the city centre street, the Old Town, and the district of Uzupis can come here easily by walking or bus as they are convenient with.


There is something called ‘a magical wish’ happening here as a special red tile called ‘The Stebuklas tile’ between the Bell Tower and Cathedral. Lithuanian people believe that if you want a miracle, you just stay in that tile, close you eyes and say your wish, turn yourself around clockwise for 3 times. The reason why they believe is this tile is a spot of the end of the human chain of Lithuanians, Latvians, and Estonians. They held their hands for the Baltic Way, approximately 2 million people and its length was 370 miles to make a message of their own freedom to their Soviet government in 1989. Actually, this tile is a symbol of hope nowadays.


For one of the most beautiful cathedral in the world, Vilnius Cathedral, nothing can explain its magnificence. Some locals say that it covers many secrets behind the charm. Its full name is the Cathedral of St Stanislav and St Vladislav. It was first built as the wooden cathedral in 1387. A lot of prominent power in Lithuania used this place as for many different occasions. It had been reconstructed and deconstructed for many centuries before the last reconsecration in 1989, and finally publicly opened for visitors to see as one of Lithuania’s masterpieces in nowadays.


Vilnius Cathedral

This is all the Landmark that you should not miss any of them when your plan is this capital!


Surely updated in the next week with the breathtaking castle in Lithuania!

Stay tuned!