Palanga is calling!

Are you interested in more seaside parts of Lithuania?

Here they are!

We will start with Palanga first!


Palanga is located on the western. There is another international airport in Lithuania but it opens for not many international airlines and no domestic flights, Palanga International Airport. Generally the best way to come to Palanga from any cities is by buses. Personally from all my experience there, any bus stations are convenient for both locals and foreigners to take a bus to their destinations, including Palanga. It takes around 4 to 5 hours.


But again if you already visit Vilnius and Palanga or your last city is near Palanga, and you next point is somewhere such as Riga – Latvia, Warsaw – Poland, or Copenhagen Denmark. You can check and book the flight from there because there are some low-cost airlines which are worth buying not to waste your time. It is not surprising that many countries in Europe can go to each other easily but Europe is the continent! I can confirm that it still takes time if you want to go to another country quite far. There are a lot of buses available with cheap prices, though.

Airport website:

Get back to Palanga!

I know you might think that Thailand has Phuket and a number of islands. It might be hard for us to list Palanga on our targets but once you come to Lithuania. Here should not be missed for people who like crowded or secluded beaches, places to stay calm with nature and perfect nightlife! Wowwwww it is all in one place here in Lithuania.


When it is the seaside, the best time to come here is summer! And a few valuable months: July and August that the average temperature is more than 20 C. Yes, it is Lithuania’s summer. But actually you can come there every season because the atmosphere and any actives will become more different when it is a different time.

The popular beach can be approachable by many entrances easily for you to look and ask. For the popular street to stroll your life is Basanavičius Street, full of colors and loud music to stir up your trip and  where to find your lunch alternatively.


In Palanga, you can find numerous kinds of restaurants such as Lithuanian, Belgian, Russian, or Ukrainian food. If you want a romantic dinner, grabbing snacks with your favorite cocktail, Floros Simfonija are there

From any restaurants, one thing I want to recommend you that you take a chance to enjoy your meal at the balcony of the restaurants. Don’t get afraid of Lithuanian summer. It will be your best summer ever!

I think you can assume about its nightlife here! Which is many’s heaven!


For peace said above, Botanic Gardens and Amber museum are the answers!

amber museum.jpg

Same things in Kaunas, many places are connected and your go by a walk as Kaunas or others else. There is another choice for you if you do not feel good by foot, which is bicycles. You can rent to ride instead of walking and it will be your comfort again that is many towns in Lithuania always have special bicycle paths for their populations.

However with the same phrase as I told you the last blog: Prepare you shoes and soul is enough!

And here is enough for Palanga

I will come up with the the last town in Lithuania.

Stay Tuned!!!!


Thanks for your photos 😀čiaus_gatvė_en_Palanga_2.jpg


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