Last seaside city in Lietuva!

A time for Klaipėda


Another large city in Lithuania located in the western of the country.

For readers who may be confused about how to call this city. It is ‘Klai-Pey-Da’. That’s it!!

This city has a connecting way to Palanga and Nida as I ever told you before about its stunning.

Traveling from Vilnius takes around 3 to 4 hours. by bus or train.

It is another seaside city with seaports, old town and new town.

It seems like a signature of every city in Lithuania that each has its own old town and new town. and so does Klaipėda. You might think that it would be the same as Kaunas or Vilnius. Absolutely it will never be the same! Even though full of restaurants and bars for tourists like us to feel its atmosphere and easy to get explored by foot, it would be your nice short visit in the city for sure. Here is full of Scandinavian and German architectures as well.


A place you should not miss here is the Square of Theatre. It hosts many special events in this city for locals and visitors with the sculpture of Ann as a youthful barefoot girl from Tharaw and drama theatre.

This city has its seaside, so it is no hesitation about going to have some relaxation at the beach and Melnrage beach is the closest one to the city. Normally, it will be more visited in summer and crowded during any special occasions. For people who want to see the sunset, here is the perfect place for you!


Have you ever heard Summer Christmas before?

It is the special feast hosted annually in the last weekend of July, especially in Klaipeda! It is full of performances, shows and concerts. There are a lot of people, locals, Lithuanians or any visitors will come and join this traditional sea festival! So if you have a chance there, don’t miss by the way!


Another district in Klaipėda has not been told yet! It is Smiltynė. It is an area reachable of boats or ferry only! And here is a place connected to Curonian Spit as known as a breathtaking beach in Lithuania. So if you want to get there, you just need to go to the seaport first with public transport in Klaipėda: bus and minibus.

You may feel confused where to go in Lithuania when you want the beach listed in your journey because there have been 3 cities now! Nida, Palanga and Klaipėda. As a tourist, we might think that it can be anywhere but just Lithuanian. No! It is not an absolute answer for you! To ease this decision, some of my Lithuanian crews suggested me that if I like to party, Palanga is your better answer. Or I if I just want to have some relaxation during my vacation, Klaipėda can respond you in this way. Otherwise you prefer to feel more natures and peace. Nida is a more suitable choice.

Do you see?

Each city has its distinctiveness.

Find your own. Grab your bag. And travel Lithuania!

For the next week, I will come up with special story of my own journey.

Stay tuned!


Special thanks for beautiful photos 😀


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