LATVIA is now here!


There are still 2 countries as Baltic countries: Latvia and Estonia.

So today, I will talk about Latvia first because it is located at the north of Lithuania and the south of Estonia. Riga is the capital city. It is far from each other for only four hours by bus. Or if you travel by plane, it is completely not far from the city centre.

Unfortuanately for me that I had only a day in Riga before moving on to Talinn Estonia, but I have more than one destination there when I found out where to go.


However, Riga is one of the most attractive cities for me.

Even if it is counted as one of Baltic countries but its characteristic is outstanding. All important places are connected and transportation there is not hard for people to use. Traveling destinations, shopping malls, entertainment places, markets, hotels, bus stations, churches, a lot of important buildings for Latvians are not far from each other with trees. For me, this was the best walk ever!

IMG_3375.JPGThe Riga old town has been conserved of their elegance for visitors as original. Their Riga Cathedrals are a must when you visit the old town. You will need some techniques to capture all its grace.

You can walk along the old town full of colorful buildings. St. Mary’s Dome Cathedral and House of blackheads are located nearby and all visitors here need to come here first!


If you are lucky enough, you will meet a girl playing an instrument so great!

Walking along here is the best answer for a traveler like me who wanted to feel the city slowly.  I think it is for everyone because it is the walking distance but if you think that you want to sit in a bus and go around the city with general information, you can go to the tourist information centre and find the right service for you. It costs around 20 Euros for an adult with limited days and conditionally cheaper for family package, students and children.

Perhaps you feel sick of bus. There is a boat tour for you to get to know more of Riga and the service is provided at the small river at the park in the old town. It can give you other views with the windy weather in summer!


However, I here do not promise if it comes to Autumn, Winter or Fall.

It was lucky for me that I came there when it was summer, but it is not the same summer in Thailand. Summer there also make people wear the pants or long-handed shirts if you cannot resist with that temperature.


Riga is not far from the Baltic sea and its has the river called Daugava River. The old town has been surrounded by the new town with many stunning landmarks at the opposite side of the old town such as Riga Radio and TV Tower and National Library of Latvia.

Some people may want to take a walk along the river. There is a railway bridge made of iron. It is not hard to find out because there are always trains running and many tourists would like to take a photo of it!

Now it’s enough for today!

and for the next time we still talk more about Riga!




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