Let’s fill your stomach at Lithuania!

As you were told in the last blog that this new one will come up with recommended restaurants. I need to say that I had gathered the information from internet and local people before, or some of them I just met and tried for once. And from all that I have tried, I just categorize and want to recommend you if you are there one day.

Don’t get stuck in them! They are just personally based on my tongue but quite internationally I cannot deny =D


First of all, this restaurant is located in Uzupis District set by the river Vilnia, in the walking distance from the Old Town. Užupio kavinė is a place for people who want to hang out or have a meal with a great view of the river and its surrounding. It serves as Lithuanian cuisine and others. Personally recommending to you, I put this restaurant with the greatest view of all along my trip there!

The Restaurant Address: Užupio g. 2 Vilnius

Opening Hours: 10.00-23.00


Not too far from Užupio kavinė, on its south, at every Friday, there are various different cafes and restaurants in an area for people who want to try more types of food in one place! And it is Street Food Market or Open Kitchen! Actually foreigners do not often come here because it is not the popular area for visiting. Foods there are not a kind of foreigners want to try but for those people who are familiar with food truck, already tried Lithuanian traditional dishes, should come to this place to try more types of food which local people mostly enjoy!

The Restaurant Address: Aukštaičių / Maironio str. Vilnius

Opening Hours: Friday 11.30-23.00

What if you are afraid of being able to eat Lithuanian dishes and look for some restaurants that serve meals with international tastes. La crêpe and Čili Pica are my results of your wondering. They serve various types of western foods such as crêpes, pizza, salad, or steaks in Lithuanian version, but it is perfectly applied. Čili Pica has a lot of branches around city area and shopping malls. There is one La Crêpe at the city centre street and in many shopping malls.

More info: https://www.lacrepe.lt and http://www.cili.lt/en

Sweet time is here! For the dessert, I proudly suggest you to try hot chocolate at AJ Šokoladas. For people who loves chocolate, you need to try this one! However, if you feel indifferent with chocolate, you can try other menu: cakes, pudding, candies and etc. Their goods and package are appropriate to be your gifts for your families, friends or neighbors. There are a lot of branches in Lithuania as well, so if you want to try in the Old Town but you do not have enough time. You can try at G09, the shopping mall at the city centre street instead.

The Restaurant Branches: Vilnius, Trakai, Šiauliai, Klaipėda, Mažeikiai, Panevėžys, Druskininkai

More info: http://www.ajsokoladas.lt/w/

However, some people may wonder about the price rate that Lithuania is the one of the European countries. It is not that expensive as in more popular destinations like France or German. You can determine your own limitation per meal and there are many available food to fit your budget. Starting from 5 euros to 20 euros. My caution is you need to admit the way you can afford. I think you all who like to travel always are aware of everything as the best you decide what you want to be a part of your trip!

Wow not enough for Lithuanian food that I ever said on the last blog.

So stay tuned for my next one! It will come with some special places in Lithuania but not in Vilnius or Trakai.

Sea You!


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