Eating is also a key!


What we will talk today is Food in Lithuania, not only traditional dished but also any kinds of food that you can find and how they taste!

As a traveller or tourist, however, one of the most important things to survive is to eat! If compared to Thailand, it is quite harder to find where to eat or supermarkets in Lithuania. Rimi, Maxima, Norfa, Lidl and IKI are often found in every city area. They seem like main supermarkets in Lithuania that you can find other stuff not food you need in there as well!

The first thing that you should try is Lithuanian traditional bread, Juoda Duona, made of dark rye! You can find it every store because it has the different taste and color from normal white bread. Its cost does not differ from the normal level of bread cost in Lithuania.


Pink Soup and Dark Rye Bread with other dishes                                                                                                                                                               by Delano at Akropolis Shopping mall

Secondly, cold beet soup or traveller like me call it ‘pink soup’ as its color. Šaltibarščiai, made of dills, cucumber, boiled beet and buttermilk, is often served as cold with boiled potatoes. Actually you can imagine its taste by its ingredient. It is very special for you tongue!

Before the third dish, you are needed to know that Lithuania can be called as ‘Potatoes Land’. Lithuanians eat potatoes normally and everyday as Thais eat rice in any meals. Thus, Many meals below will be mainly cooked with potatoes but in various patterns.

The first is potato pancakes! You can find the menu in many restaurants. Probably eat it with sour cream, jam, yeast, curd cheese, or zucchini. At La crêpe, with Lithuanian cuisine, the menu is full of potato pancakes or crepes as well. You can see that even pancake or crepes, Lithuanians mostly use potatoes as the main ingredient which affect the taste of every dish distinctively and deliciously!


Potato pancake with salmon by La Crêpe at the cuty centre street


Potato crêpe with curd cheese

Another last meal by potato again on this post, everybody loves it as the national dish of Lithuania is Cepelinai. To know it easy, potato dough outside but meat inside and served with special source up to each cuisine. Its size, meat inside and sauce are also up to people’s favorites or chefs. However, it is not served with spicy and too much sour flavor! You can imagine how it tastes right now.



Where to find them will not be a question anymore! If you are around the Old Town, there are many restaurants for you to try Lithuanian dishes. Or if you are Asian like me and still not familiar with Western cuisine yet, there are some Asian restaurants, Korean, Japanese and Chinese, and Thai also. (but I have not tried Thai and Chinese restaurants) Somehow, you have just a week in Lithuania or Europe, just try traditional dishes first and some meals really dissimilar to your hometown meals. Make sure that you will can deal with its flavor too! Even though Lithuanian food are not as expensive as others but the expense should be worth eating!


Precisely for shops to get food, if you are wherever in the city even in Vilnius, Trakai or others, at least there are shops selling ingredients for you to cook for your own. RIMI, Maxima or IKI. Never underestimate Lithuanian supermarkets selling everything that you can buy them and stay in your house for more than 2 weeks! Some convenience stores such as NARVESEN will sell you not a big meal as 7-Eleven shops in Thailand do.

The upcoming week post will be more Lithuanian food you should not overlook and my recommended restaurants for all kinds again with their locations.




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