Deeper Vilnius is now available!

As some general information was given to you about Vilnius and Lithuania in the last article that you can follow up in my blog as ‘1st- Lithuania, Vilnius’ blog. Some people might feel a bit complicated about their locations. It will be much clearer here!

Exactly, you can walk from one place to one place. Most of them are located in a walking distance. You can walk along the OLD TOWN, which is one of UNESCO World Heritage list. It is a large area full of museums, churches, shops, restaurants and houses. In the middle, you will meet the Town Hall square surely able to give you a best shot of the Old Town also. A place considered as a must pleasing every visitor is St. Anne’s church, illustrating Lithuanian art and culture by red bricks.

When you end your walk and meet the Cathedral Square and The Gediminus Castle. If you look around you will see Three Crosses on the hill as known as Tauro hill. If you are interested in hiking or want to try, it’s around 30-minute hiking to this monument and you will get the impressive view of the Old Town and Gediminus Hill or the Castle Hill as well.


Three Crosses

At the main square, you will see 3 main landmarks: Bell Tower, Vilnius Cathedral and Statue of Grand Duke Gediminus. Behind the statue is the palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuania, where you can find out Lithuania’s history. Factually, the main square as known as Cathedral square is a place for a lot of festival to be held there because Lithuanians from the new town or tourists from the city centre street, the Old Town, and the district of Uzupis can come here easily by walking or bus as they are convenient with.


There is something called ‘a magical wish’ happening here as a special red tile called ‘The Stebuklas tile’ between the Bell Tower and Cathedral. Lithuanian people believe that if you want a miracle, you just stay in that tile, close you eyes and say your wish, turn yourself around clockwise for 3 times. The reason why they believe is this tile is a spot of the end of the human chain of Lithuanians, Latvians, and Estonians. They held their hands for the Baltic Way, approximately 2 million people and its length was 370 miles to make a message of their own freedom to their Soviet government in 1989. Actually, this tile is a symbol of hope nowadays.


For one of the most beautiful cathedral in the world, Vilnius Cathedral, nothing can explain its magnificence. Some locals say that it covers many secrets behind the charm. Its full name is the Cathedral of St Stanislav and St Vladislav. It was first built as the wooden cathedral in 1387. A lot of prominent power in Lithuania used this place as for many different occasions. It had been reconstructed and deconstructed for many centuries before the last reconsecration in 1989, and finally publicly opened for visitors to see as one of Lithuania’s masterpieces in nowadays.


Vilnius Cathedral

This is all the Landmark that you should not miss any of them when your plan is this capital!


Surely updated in the next week with the breathtaking castle in Lithuania!

Stay tuned!


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